Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tony Hawk THPS2

I just remembered a game I loved! Tony Hawk Pro Skater2 for the PlayStation (PS1). I played it, and played it, and played it some more. It's funny, I'd have the volumn down real low so I wouldn't wake anyone, but the sound of the analog sticks clacking would wake up my daughter.

I don't know many skateboarders by name. I got lucky one day and caught an X games or whatever show when Tony was trying for a 900 on a vert ramp. He succeeded, and I remembered his name. Then, there's Shaun White, because of his olympic snowboarding. (Shaun is not in this game, so really Tony was the only name I recognized.)

So, I didn't know what character I wanted to use in the game. I ended up using Bucky Lasek the most. For whatever reason, I liked him better, even better than spider-man.

I might write more about this game another time. It's been a while and there are things I'd like to mention but don't want to get the details wrong.

If you're looking for a great Skateboard game on the old PS1, then THPS2 is the game!

OH! I just remembered another game I used to play, like 25 years ago, Nintendo 720° "Skate or die!" That would give a person the WORST Nintendo thumb ever!

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